SINGLE RELEASE :: Sarah’s Daydream in the Kitchen


For our second single, we booked three days in an Airbnb in Pine Mountain Club to write and record a brand new song. We wanted to push ourselves to write something new, but when we first arrived, we couldn’t come up with anything worth keeping.

All of a sudden it was the morning of the second day, and what we’d managed to get between the six of us was the flu and a crumpled piece of paper that read: “I feel overwhelmed (the first lyric).”

The song was all written and recorded during what was supposed to be a huge winter snow storm, which never really arrived. One single inch of snow and hail fell, and quickly became ammunition for a band snowball fight under the shadow of white-frosted pines on the mountain. Those same trees influenced the final lyrical stanza, which reads:

“The moon will feather the trees; little orange embers, picked up by the breeze, will light the leaves.”

We loved the imagery associated with fire, so we ran with the idea. Soon, we fleshed out a female character, Sarah, stuck in an abusive relationship. She takes action by lighting her house on fire.

We’re in love with Sarah. She’s a strong female character in a time where we need more of those.

Take a listen. And make sure to keep an eye out for the beautiful video Andy Malcolm and Jacob Ellis put together. “Sarah’s Daydream in the Kitchen” is now available on Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, Tidal, and Amazon, and the making-of music video can be found on our Youtube channel.


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