SINGLE RELEASE :: A Serial Killer Comes Home

Serial Killer Cover (1)“A Serial Killer Comes Home” is another single we wrote and recorded over three days while staying in an Airbnb. For this tune we booked an Airbnb in Lake Elsinore. A lot of our tunes had been sad, so we had the intention of writing a happy song called “Looking Up,” but when we got there, we were at a bit of a loss. Elsinore is pretty dinghy compared to the other places we had traveled to write singles. At some point, Casey came up with the idea of doing a looking-up-style song from the perspective of a serial killer. You know, a really good day for a serial killer. Halloween was just around the corner so we figured, Why not?

This single was a little different from the last two because we brought a film crew and planned to film a narrative video while we recording the song. We went all out on the creepiness, buying actor Jacob a full serial killer outfit from a Goodwill in town. We had Jacob shave his chest and we dressed our buddy Diego up in drag. He was the victim of our serial killer’s compulsion.

A Serial Killer Comes home is available on Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, Tidal, and Amazon. The music video is available on our Youtube channel.


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