SINGLE RELEASE :: The Neighbor’s Dog

neighbors dog noise

The Neighbor’s Dog came together so easy. It was written in one session in a grungy rehearsal space in East LA. Originally the song was recorded acoustically in vocalist, Casey’s Long Beach apartment. Instead of drums, drummer Brendan used a cajon, bells, shaker, and tambourine; most of which would be tracked later on the final recording.

The Neighbor’s Dog has a lot of old-school roominess, while still being catchy and modern. The narrator kills his neighbor’s dog, and then questions himself, which is the real heart of the story: doing something you’re not proud of and wondering if you might have taken a wrong turn somewhere. That sentiment vs the happy-go-luckiness of the music makes it comical and weird and unique and fun.

The song was recorded at Oak House Recording studio where Dave Peter’s analog gear captured the vintage style of this song in an authentic way.

The Neighbor’s Dog is available on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, and Amazon.


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