Hey Y’all,


Brendan here. Sorry I haven’t posted yet! 


We’ve been super busy filming music videos for the Homesick for Another World launch, they came out pretty great and I can’t wait to share them with you! 


but I finally had a moment this weekend to sit down and play some piano after working some long days with the boys.


I flipped open my Real Book (a book of a bunch of chord charts for jazz standards) and I started to learn Georgia on My Mind just for fun. 


The song isn’t particularly difficult but there are quite a few chord changes.




In the past, I would’ve avoided learning a tune like this, it would’ve taken weeks for me to get all the chords and the melody under my fingers. 

But to my surprise, I was able to play through this chart pretty quickly. The video was filmed after a couple of days of practice.

Although my play-through might not be impressive to the piano-playing Rats in the Hideout and I understand that I still have SO much to learn on this instrument, being able to get through this chart on the first day was an amazing moment for me.

It was a moment where I could see that the last couple years of practicing piano had paid off. I noticed real improvement in my playing and let me tell you, it was so encouraging.

Sometimes, we get so bogged down with milestones and goals and showing visible improvement, that we are hard on ourselves or we quit or we become depressed.

And sometimes, all you have to do is just trust the process. You ARE improving even if you’re not seeing it every day. One day, you will surprise yourself with your growth and improvement.

So I say this, Rats:

Don’t ever stop working on yourself, practicing the Yo-Yo, going to the gym, skydiving, killing it at work, or playing the piano just because you’re not where you want to be.

Keep practicing, keep showing up, keep on improving. Learn to enjoy the process. You’ll get there one day. We all will!

Anyways, I just had this thought today and I figured I’d share it with you. I truly want every Rat to be the best version of themselves that they can be. Let’s take over the world!

Feel free to share a similar moment that you had or something that you’ve been struggling to improve on in the comments!

I love you all,

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Bob Walsh
1 year ago

I love you, Brendan. Good job!

1 year ago


1 year ago

You played beautifully! I haven’t touched a piano since I was 14. I went to the army when I was 17, and life pretty much happened so fast after that, so I was never able to pick it back up. I have a keyboard in my house and my kids play whatever tunes they can muster, and I SO desire to play, but I fear that my hands will betray me and I’ll be reminded of all the time I wasted. Anyway, thank you for persevering. It paid off and we all are blessed to witness your progress. And maybe, one day, I’ll dust off playing hands and get back into it, too.


1 year ago

This was beautiful! The playing & the sentiment alike.

1 year ago

Beautifully played..we’ll done sir

Laura Sibley
1 year ago

👌 – That is all, for all of this.

Mandi "Monster"
1 year ago

🌻💛☠️ Thank you for taking time from you day to share with us rats. I’m a bit heartbroken this evening so that was a pleasant distraction.

1 year ago

Really beautiful, B. 💛

1 year ago

This is absolutely fantastic! Just being able to read a chart like that is something to be proud of! Thanks for the message and the tune! TWD 🌻💛☠️

Angela Lawrence
1 year ago

This is such a great song! ❤ I was only a skosh disappointed that you weren’t singing. 😉 I’ve just started to try to re-learn the piano. I never learned to play with two hands, so I still had a long way to go when I stopped. But now I’ve got to re-learn finger placement, how to read the music and so much more. But that’s ok. Even if I only ever learn how to play one song really well, that’ll be enough for me. Lol. This sounded great B! Thank you 💛🌻☠

1 year ago

Thank you Brendan, that was lovely.
I have always liked that song. 🙂

Jill Jessen
1 year ago

I understand what you mean. I began learning to play the ukulele a few years ago. Maybe four now? Time is hard to gauge for the last few years, ya know?
Anyway, I hung in there and now, I am so excited to find that the time put in has given me the ability to learn to play many songs very quickly, if the chords are ones I can manage. It definitely feels good to notice the difference!
Now, I’m going to listen to your recording.
Hugs my friend.
Love you guys, your band and the rat community! It’s awesome!

Jill Jessen
1 year ago

Very nice, relaxed, unforced playing on the piano. Mellow and pleasant ❤️

Valerie Cox
1 year ago

I agree with Angela, I thought we were gonna hear you sing!!! It’s a beautiful song and you played it well. I always wanted to play piano. I learned one song in high school for a friend so she could practice singing her solo. I surprised myself, lol. The part of this that made me tear up though was you cheering us on no matter what we do…to strive to be our best selves. 😭 I’ve been struggling so much even just doing the regular day to day stuff. I have so much to get straight in the way of organizing my life and can barely get dinner cooked etc….oh well…thank you so much for your encouragement, I will always push forward. ❤ Much love. 🙂😘

David Bayliss
1 year ago

Lovely. Thanks Brendan.

Sara Contreras
1 year ago

Beautiful song! You did great!!
My daughter just started piano lessons. I told her she has to teach me what she learned after each class. I’ve always wanted to play but life got in the way. Thank you for sharing and for the reminder that everything is a process. TWD 💛

1 year ago

That was beautiful 🥰

Gavin Dwyer
1 year ago

Lovely work Brendan!! 🙂

1 year ago

Fabulous effort Brendan! So proud of you for accepting a challenge and delivering. Beautiful rendition.

1 year ago

Amazing rendition, thanks for that. I named my daughter Georgia after this song, my Mum also used to play it on the piano when I was a kid.. You’ve just brought back some lovely memories as I lie here at 7am not wanting to get up for work, rain crashing on my window, so I’ll just have to listen to you play one more time…

Christa Evans
1 year ago

That was beautiful! Piano is one of those things I would love to learn but, at the age of 43, it’s not something I could learn on my own. I’d like to find a teacher who can do it but I live in the middle of BFE so it might be tough. You guys give me a little hope to not give up! Love you! 💙

1 year ago

Lovely cover! It takes me back to a time when I’m in my grandparents home, on the couch, listening to my grandpa play a tune on the rickety piano. How I wish to go back home, not the place, but the feeling. This is what it feels like to listen to your guys’ music