Rug Rats, fans, friends, & family!

This has been a doozie-of-a-record for us—I don't think we've ever spent this much time arranging, rearranging, recording, re-recording, and otherwise obsessing over a project quite like this.

We're really proud to show it to you all, and we hope you like it as much as we do.

We wish we could better describe what you're getting into by buying this one, but it's the amalgamation of so many different people's visions and lives, and it has a lot packed in it, so we'll just say, Give it a listen!

Even better if you can listen the way we wanted you to—on vinyl

The album is a goulashing of all of our experiences with past romantic relationships (before it got named, we called it "the breakup album"), and the way they kinda stick to you attracted us to find an American traditional tattoo artist who could illustrate the songs for you.

We asked Jordan Brill, the owner of recently-opened STARFOLK TATTOO(!), who's an all-around great dude and tattooer. He actually tattooed us with our favorites, which we'll show you during the digital album launch you'll be a part of by picking up a record.

As for the merch, we made it something you could hold onto. The blanks we printed on are high-quality and hand-picked, and they come in slate, stonewashed green, and vintage gold. They feel great and they should last forever.

Lastly, we should mention that there are some wild supply-chain problems in the vinyl world right now, so please note that 6 months from now is the soonest we could have the completed lot in hand.

Because this is our first run of vinyl, we could only justify 200 units, which after some recent new influxes of fans, will absolutely sell out. And then it'll be another six months (at least) before we'll be able to order more).

Okay, that's enough from us.

Thanks for supporting our little pipe dream.

Till we dead!