Since forming over a decade ago, Austin, TX trio Under the Rug have cut their teeth as songwriters and engineers, writing and recording dozens of projects, amassing a dedicated fanbase, garnering praise from major publications like American Songwriter and independent tastemaker blogs including Mystic Sons, Two Story Melody, Comeherefloyd, LA On Lock and more, and even receiving a co-sign from The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle.

Their most recent LP titled  “Dear Adeline” (a ten-track collection of emotive, dynamic indie rock) chronicles grief, tumult, and healing after the loss of a loved one and simultaneous dissolution of a romantic relationship.

Like Richard Linklater’s Boyhood, Dear Adeline was written and self-produced in real time over the course of five years, each track capturing a specific moment in time that, when put together, creates a beautiful, three-dimensional portrait of the grieving and healing process.