Our third record, Homesick For Another World, is finally here . . .

. . . and we want to give you first dibs . . .

If you don’t know us, we’re Under The Rug.

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last may, we traveled across the us from our little mobile home in austin tx to los angeles.


the plan was to write an album along the way and record it when we got there.

on our little sabbatical, everywhere we went . . .


. . . we noticed something.


The world felt like it was going through some uncomfortable changes.

Everything (and everyone) felt fragile.


It felt like the optimism of the turn of the century. . .


all of it’s promises, technology, individualism, civil rights, freedoms. . . 


it was like they melted into an ooze during the sketchiness of the pandemic and its aftermath.


It felt like everyone needed a fucking hug.

we wanted to tell everyone we met along the way—the sad-eyed gas station attendant, dan and his goats (whisky & wino), and ingrid the slovakian expatriate—It’s going to be okay.

homesick for another world is, in a lot of ways, that sentiment. . .

. . . and it’s available for preorder before we release it to the public.

below is all the merch, some of which is only available during this preorder and will not be sold any other time.

go ahead and browse all the new goodies . . . 

Till We Dead,



*this is a preorder for our forthcoming album. non-vinyl will be delivered in march 2023, vinyl in june/july of 2023*


*Every bundle purchase grants one free month to our paid membership site, The Secret Hideout*