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a song about :: booze, sad, giving up, parents, dreams, submission, reclusiveness, disappearing.

"I dreamt of a seed in the soil of a sickly tree"

Written & Performed by Under The Rug
Produced by The Rug Factory Recording
Mixed/Master by The Rug Factory and Ross Pitto


The light from the window . . .
The light from the window . . .

The light from the window is burning my skin.
This headache’s a violent price
for a few bottles of gin.

Jesus, what’s left of me?
Is this all that I am:
a lung full of cigarettes, a stomach of gin?

Last night I dreamt of a boy
climbing this sickly maple tree,
leaves all falling,
somersaulting down;
dreamt that a seed in the soil
of a sickly tree is worth what,
some lungs full of cigarettes?
Jesus, what’s left of me!

Na na na na na.

The light from the window . . .
it’s hurting my skin.
The light from the window . . .

burning my skin.
The light from the window . . .


From Casey: “Because of drug and alcohol use, my mom and her sister passed away the year before last, their mother (my grandmother) a couple years before that, etc., etc., up a zillion branches of our now-pretty-damn-skinny family tree.

To say that my family has a problem would be an understatement.

What really gets me: to see if this content page idea had any legs, I asked Sean, Brendan, and Jesse if they had any family with similar issues. I got a weirdly-unanimous, “Of course.”

Which may be why this song is so accessible to everyone, and has always been a fan favorite since we wrote it nearly 7 years ago.

Anyhow, we’ve decided to dedicate today’s content page to our caught-fish friends and family, here and gone, by providing you with this PayPal donation button to the Amy Winehouse Foundation.
“The Amy Winehouse Foundation works to prevent the effects of drug and alcohol misuse on young people. They also aim to support, inform and inspire vulnerable and disadvantaged young people to help them reach their full potential. They are driven by a powerful vision for young people, a world where they can flourish.”

For every dollar you donate, $0.66 goes to the Amy Winehouse foundation; $0.33 goes to directly marketing this page and fundraiser, indefinitely, so long as there are donations made.

When you donate, you will receive:

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