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“Manila & Grey”
Written & Performed by Under The Rug
Produced by The Rug Factory Recording
Mixed/Master by The Rug Factory and Ross Pitto


Hennessey’s in the evening,
fourth time we’ve been here this week alone.
Monday we were laughing,
tonight we hardly speak, you know.

Someone suddenly looks shaken
asks, What do we accomplish here?
When someone gets too serious
we all sip from our beers.

Manila and gray,
Manila and gray,
some of us spend our whole lives here,
others get away.

Manila and gray,
Manila and gray,
donuts in the back kitchen
to sweeten the day.

We’ve got nerf guns and figurines
and drawers full of little games,
if we can’t have happiness
we’ll take something that looks the same, you know:

cufflinks and vasectomies
and legacies and room amenities
and cheap smiles from our enemies
keen on ascendency
and fucking email brevity,

“We’ll tear down the walls of the heavenly with jealousy
those chumps with guitars, velvety melodies,
we’ll burn all the fools with integrity,
those non-entities, equal parts density and empathy”

Manila and gray,
Manila and gray,
some of spend our whole lives here,
others get away.

Manila and gray,
Manila and gray,
donuts in the back kitchen
to sweeten the day.


This song is one of the older ones on the album. Casey wrote it while working at his first post-college job, in Carlsbad, CA.

Hennessey’s is a real place:

Above, we’ve chopped together a little demo that shows the evolution of this song through the two, original demo versions to the final album version.

*the first was part of a kickstarter, where Casey wrote an album in 24 hours to raise rent money [CLASSIC], and the second was a one-and-done live recording for the audio engineering class at Pasadena City College*


Ever notice it’s hard to complain about work?

“Do you even realize how lucky you are to HAVE a job?”

“If you don’t like it, just leave.”

Our favorite . . . “Stop being NEGATIVE.”

Sometimes we work jobs we dislike to be able to do things we enjoy. Sometimes we don’t have the option to “just leave.” And sometimes it feels good to commiserate.

So join us in a little act of rebellion: sneak a pic at work and post it here. Let’s see your neon-lit cubicle, your grubby dish-washing sink, storage room, cleaning closet, etc, etc.

*NOTE* Because this launch is automated in relation to the date you sign up, feel free to revisit this page and post if you find yourself here on a day you’re not working*
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Vocals, guitar, lyrics, production – Casey Dayan | drums, percussion, production – Brendan McQueeney | rhodes – Jason Schimmel | bass, vocals, production – Jesse Holsapple | guitar, vocals – Sean Campbell | organ, piano – Will McDougal | mix/master – Ross Pitto & The Rug Factory


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