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a song about :: suicide, sea cliff, complaints, giving up, fighting back, leaving, shame, cigarettes, endings, falling, seaweed.
Written & Performed by Under The Rug
Produced by The Rug Factory Recording
Mixed/Master by The Rug Factory & Ross Pitto


Where, O where?
Where, O where,
Where has it gone?

For miles and miles the freeway looks the same:
smokestacks and tail-lights and silhouettes of passersby
slugging through the rain.

All hail the big old machine and never complain;
this is the handbook you get when you get the game.

Linden and clover, boring be thy name,
gravity, please bury me here besides the ocean’s waves,
cover me up at the foot of this bluff

in cigarettes and seaweed and shame,
I’ve had enough and though I’m thirty feet up,
I have one foot in the waves

Oh no, no, no
Where has it gone?
Woah oh, oh oh
Where has it gone?”

Now, I lay this body down to sleep,
and what an incredible name
for such a terrible monster
To sleep, hah, to die, the metaphor’s cheap,
call it what you will,
I will be buried by the water.

Soon enough, no pain
Soon enough, no pain
scatter my bones in coralline,
make everything in vain.
Soon enough, no pain.


Monologue is one of the oldest songs we still play. It was also one of the first songs we wrote together that we felt genuinely proud of. 

In fact, here’s a video of us in college in 2011, running the tune together for one of the first times (note: Jesse’s hair. Jesse’s hair is the note).


Play Video

This video was filmed in Santa Cruz, CA, near Westcliff, which is named after the big, toothy cliffs that line the shore. It’s these cliffs that our narrator has his “To Be” moment:

Later, when we moved to Los Angeles to pursue making music together seriously, we made this demo version, which we sold on sharpied CD-RWs at our shows around LA.

MONOLOGUE :: Original Demo Version


It took us almost a decade to figure out how to produce these songs (Run, Forrest! Run!), but we learned so much about friendships and artmaking and work and resilience along the way.

I think you can hear it in the songs.

Humbling as the process was, Pale King has this magic character (for lack of a better word), somewhere between juvenile and ambitious, that came from producing work we’d written almost a decade prior.

Sometimes it felt like we were producing our younger selves—something nobody else believed in us enough to do at the time. And in that way, there’s a weird, full-circle kind of self love in the album that we’ll probably never be able to reproduce.

And now, well, it’s done and over and time to move on to bigger and better things, which we can only do because of your support. So . . . 


“Planet” Janet Carter Dayan
Ross Pitto
Will McDougal
Jason Schimmel
David & Anni Dayan
Joe & Nora McQueeney
Paula & Larry Campbell
Vincent Pompei
Gerald Herrera
Tim Roberts
Andrew Malcolm
Lane Lessman
Albert, Katherine, & Henry Dayan
Angelle Dayan
Josh Weber
Emma Weber
Margaret Dayan
Victor Dayan
Evan Parr
Gina, Don, & Morgan Parr
Andrew Kochi
Sheila McKenna
Lois, Dane, Drew, & Jon Koval
Jim Pathman
Lucas Hanson
Dave “The Long Swede” Peters
Monica Benson
Rebecca Carlyn-Gray
Melissa Dagodag
Ariel Hyatt
Kyle “Circa” Lemaire
Full Stack Creative Team
Jacob Ellis
Suz Paulinski
Ma & Pa Kettle
Daniel Holsapple
Bob Hingtgen
Sarah Becan
Dom Archer
Amaris Miller
Don & Patricia Carter
Alyx Martinez
Zach Ruddell
Peggy Bogart
Judy, Janie, Sally
Max Martin
Josh Grenrock
Clare Graham
Back-Alley Moe
Lindsay Keebler
Traece Craig
Diego Aragao
Sam “Swing”
George Marsh
Bob Walsh
Jeff Moore
Ryan Parish
Jake Thornton
Gabriel Herrera
Alex Rentaria
Alex “Danger” Smith
Gary Young
Micah Perks
Ross Levinson
Corby Bellindo
Patrick “P-Willy” Watson
Philz Coffee, Long Beach
Brandon Rhoads
Johnny Juarez
Chuck Spitler
David Foster Wallace
Franz Kafka
& many others <3


©Under the Rug LLC, 2019
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