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a song about :: patriotism, equality, freedom, race, change, war, millennials, homelessness.

"O! Say does that oil rag in the ragbag decay
in the land of the free, or the home of the brave?"

“National Anthem Revision, 2017”
Written & Performed by Under The Rug
Produced by The Rug Factory Recording
Mixed/Master by The Rug Factory and Ross Pitto


O! Say can you see
by the weak, weak evening light
what so proudly we hailed
but a joke not even worth seeing,
whose broad stripes and white stars
are but stripes and white stars
but a brand, but some cloth,
but some shapes without any meaning,
and the rocket’s red glare,
the bombs bursting in air
give proof, given time,
that the world is unfair
and the bum by the stairs
and the straw, side-part hair,
and our kin with dark skin
and the cast-off impaired . . .

Oh say does that oil rag in the ragbag decay
in the land of the free or the home of the brave?


From Casey: “Look: the truth is this . . . if there’s an indie band that really, genuinely drinks it’s own Kool-Aid, it’s us. We mean every single song we put out. 

This one’s no different. We really do believe that there are problems in the US that need to be addressed. Badly. BOLDLY. In indelible ink, right on our leaders’ foreheads. And so, we thought: WE are artists, after all—who better to make that statement than us? 

Just about anyone, we discovered.

Above, observe four textbook morons pulled off of an unlit turnout in the San Bernardino mountains, making Smokey The Bear cry big, soppy bear tears.

THE IDEA: comment on the distribution of wealth in America through four musicians burning their own instruments and huddling under an American flag for warmth.

THE OUTCOME: burning lacquer. In our mouths. And ASSES. So much burning lacquer. Popping, fizzing, carcinogenic, the-monster-from-Ferngully-black lacquer death.

For the pre-and-post-90’s folk, this is the monster from Ferngully:THE MORAL: ___________________ (will fill in when lightbulb materializes above head).

see below for a non-sequitur video of Brendan tracking IKEA pots and pans on NAR, 2017 –>

NAR, 2017 :: CREDITS

Vocals, guitar, lyrics, production – Casey Dayan | drums, percussion, production – Brendan McQueeney | rhodes – Jason Schimmel | bass, vocals, production – Jesse Holsapple | guitar, vocals – Sean Campbell | organ, piano – Will McDougal | mix/master – Ross Pitto & The Rug Factory


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