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HI AND HELLO FROM THE STAFF at The Rug Factory! We’re excited to get started on your project, but first, since the odds are that you found us through Facebook, Google or Craigslist, here’s a little more background on who we are and what we do.

You’ve probably noticed that our website’s homepage is about our band, UNDER THE RUG, which we also hope you check out—this is a good place to do that—point being: we were a band before a recording studio, which puts us in a unique position to bring your song idea to life.

In short, we are available to be your FULL BACKING BAND and recording engineers. You can come by in the morning with a vocal melody or a freestyle, and leave in the evening with a fully-produced, fully-arranged song with REAL INSTRUMENTS.

We have experience in most genres, but specialize in indie, alt-rock, acoustic/folk recording, hiphop. For film folks, we also do a lot of soundtracks, scores, foley, and voiceover.

The Rug Factory comes equipped with three live rooms, a control room, a baby grand, kit and cymbal options, guitars, amps, some wonderful outboard gear [BAE, Tubetech, Avedis, API, Great River), Logic Pro X, Pro Tools 10, Ableton, Reaper, and a full suite of UAD VSTs and Native Instruments samples. To see our full gear list click here.

We also have professional session players available for:

* Saxophone
* Lapsteel
* Harp
* Drums
* Percussion
* Musical Saw
* Guitar/Bass
* Vocals
* Keys
* Tuba, Trombone, Strings

More—we have relationships with some external producers and location owners, so can accommodate:

* Live concert recording
* 5.1 Mixing for film
* Large orchestras/choirs
* Mastering services with some celebrity mastering folks [can be helpful for PR]
* Real Plate Reverb options
* Tape Recording


  1. Song For My Friends Under The Rug 2:59
  2. The Neighbor's Dog Under the Rug 3:49
  3. A Serial Killer Comes Home Under The Rug 4:32
  4. Sarah's Daydream In The Kitchen Under The Rug 4:54
  5. On and On Under the Rug 2:44
  6. Call Center Blues 3:19


Please feel free to email us or fill out the form on our contact page here.

©Under the Rug LLC, 2019
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