drums and keyboards

Brendan plays drums and keys in Under The Rug.

He grew up in Northern California with his older brother and two lovely parents.

He started playing music at a very young age and has always felt like it was a great escape.

he also loves road and mountain biking, hiking, beer, and a steak cooked medium rare.

He am a terrible texter.

He is literally living his dream every day by doing this band and he feel so fortunate that he is doing it with his best friends in the world!

casey dayan

vocals, mandolin, guitar, cello

Casey is the insufferable pusher of under the rug. his life’s work has been wrangling the other band members/knuckleheads into doing utr full time.


he met the other guys in college, where he studied linguistic anthropology and writing. he pretends to know a bunch of big words, but secretly looks them up to check if they mean what he thinks they mean.


he worked some due-paying denial years in tech, where he spent a lot of time looking out the corporate-building windows and scribbling song ideas into the margins of yellow legal pads.


he dislikes cats and loves food like a serial killer loves knives


he also dearly loves utr’s community of misfits and weirdos, because he’s a weirdo too. weirdos should have a bigger place in this world


he wishes he had more time to spend with the utr fans/rug rats, but he’s always working to give them a place to be and he hopes that’s enough, at least for now.

sean campbell

guitar, lapsteel

Sean (aka Shrub, Lil Beast, or Kazoo) has played guitar in some form of Under The Rug since Casey and him met in college about 12 years ago.

He grew up in a town just south of San Francisco, creatively name South San Francisco.

He’s never been out of the country and loves eating cookie dough ice cream.

When he’s not pouting around the house, he loves to be in his natural element…the backyard.

Sean has recently gotten into plants and has more than he can take care of.

He and his partner, Tyler, enjoy watching Buffy and scolding their whiny dog, Lana.

Although, he is perfectly happy, Sean wishes to one day play silly music with his best friends (also listed on this page) all over the world. 🙂

amanda (mittens)

from amanda: “Don’t make me come up with a bio lol. I love animals, food, yall and like maybe 3 other people. In that order.”
Amanda is under the rug’s full-time merch guru, tour helper, general ombudsman, and good friend. 
They met through under the rug after the band relocated to texas and she has become an integral part of the team since.
amanda is aloof and catlike, but an incredibly caring, and sweet human being. under the rug is lucky to have her in their corner.


I’m Pip – UTR’s friend and Discord Genie from the Middle of Nowhere, Canada!
I met UTR in the spring of 2022, when they discovered I had been living in their attic for a few months. I’ll admit it.. shit was weird at first.
It took some time but, thanks to my incredible wit and charm, I won them over and they let me stay (I’m even allowed to come out of the attic on special occasions now!).
A little about me:
• Artist/maker, plant mama, collector of hobbies, and wildlife nerd.
• Spoonerisms are fy mavorite.
• The #1 thing I want to be when I grow up is not grown up.
• Professional idea-haver, whether you ask for them or not.
• When given the opportunity, I prefer to shuck around and find out.
🌽 TWD!


Angela is Under The Rug’s incredibly-generous money genie and book-keeper.


She lives in Southern VT with her two kids and two cats.


She enjoys hoarding books, tarot decks, crystals and craft supplies.


She found UTR when their adds were stalking her FB and the rest is history 😂

The mckeen’s

We are the McKeens! Beth, Ted & Kait. Resident sticker and backdrop folks.


Beth discovered UTR with their Bolo Tie promo back along, ordered Dear Adeleine, loved it into tiny little pieces, and then jumped in with both feet by helping the guys out with the backdrop they needed for Homesick for Another World (Casey NEEDED it to be perfect and it was precisely what we could do with our equipment). She dragged Ted and Kait along with her, and now we are all utterly committed to this gem of an Indie band.


Together, we run a sign shop called Minuteman Signs that Ted’s grandfather started way back in ’87. We do all sorts of sign work locally, but making stickers and helping out UTR with set design as things go forward is Beth’s new passion (like, she will fly down and sleep on their floor if necessary- NO. I MEAN SHE DOES NOT ALREADY LIVE IN THEIR SKIRTING BOARDS. PROBABLY).


A bit about us~


Ted loves old cars and is currently obsessed with Jaguar XJ6 (we have a 1997 model), but he also appreciates Fieros and vintage model anythings. Beth senses car shows in their future. Besides UTR, Ted is a lifelong fan of Pink Floyd and U2.


Kait is 9 and loves skeletons, rainbows, crystals, and barbies. She loves music and her favourite UTR song is ‘Eating Carrots’. She ALWAYS helps to stuff sticker packs and does a pretty awesome job with quality control.


Beth likes to write and craft and spend time embracing seasons and their meanings. She collects magical stories and items and makes herbal medicines. Maybe she is a witch, or a healer, or a madwoman…hard sayin’ not knowin’. 😎  


Beth and Ted love each other, their kids, their cats, and UTR. We can’t believe we are part of something this amazing and beautiful. 


We also love you.


BIG. ❤️


I’ve been doing some moderating for the discord and it’s been teaching me so much about people and honestly, my favourite thing about it all is seeing the authentic connections (and having some myself) with the incredible fans that UTR have attracted.


It’s food for my soul and I’m grateful for every moment of it and for meeting you all.


Things about me:


✒️ I love words and finding ways of stringing them together in introspective and explorative ways


🐕 I’m a dog lover and and get paid to fall in love with these fluff balls, which feels like the best cheat code, ever


💦 I’m a fan of all things silly and childish – puddles are to be splashed in, not to be hopped over


🎨 I love arts and crafts but I don’t have a natural talent for these – I do it anyway because I think we should do that more and care less about internal and external judgement of the end result


❤️‍🩹 I work in mental health and I’m passionate about exploring wellbeing for each individual, believing in a humanistic, non directive approach


🐀 I’m a proud little Rugrat and cannot wait to see this band flourish and conquer the indie music scene I can’t wait to build more friendships here and meet all of you nerds, lastly.


Much love; TWD 💛🌻☠️

If you’re interested in helping out or joining the team, please email us at: info@undertherugmusic.com