There are four main parts of this website: The Hideout, The Feed, the rat chat discord, and account info page.

The Feed is sort of like a social media feed of all the recent happenings here on our membership service. We will post things like: updates, new songs, live stream invitations, etc. When you log in, you will be taken directly to the feed.

The Hideout is a big, animated, clickable image. It’s definitely not a simple menu, but rather a little piece of art meant to poke around and explore and mozy through. We have hidden, like little easter eggs, things like: a back-catalog of unreleased song ideas, vestigial poems, our past record release experiences, and more.

The rat chat is a private discord where you can chat with other hideout members. You have to signup and download the discord app to participate. If you have any trouble signing up, feel free to email us at the email below.

Account info is where you can manage your account, manage payment options, cancel your membership, change your membership tier or add a wacky profile picture. 

If you ever get confused, click the stickied question mark logo on any page, or use the top menu to navigate directly to the Feed, Hideout, the rat chat, or account info.

If you’re still having trouble, feel free to reach out to us anytime at: info@undertherugmusic.com

Anyone who pays $5/mo or more gets access to The Secret Hideout.

Those who pay $20/mo or more get a membership card mailed to them that has a secret QR code that is scannable anytime. 

For a limited time only, those who pay over $20/mo also get a free TWD Trash Family shirt which includes their name screen printed on the back. 

All member plans are monthly, recurring.

Absolutely! If you click on the account information in the main menu you can change your monthly membership anytime. Or click here.

Yes you can. Click on the account info in the main menu to cancel anytime.

Unfortunately, no. You will lose immediate access to the Secret Hideout.

There is no set schedule for how often we will be adding new content. There will definitely be more new content around releases and merch drops so check back often so you don’t miss anything.

Ultimately, this is a way for you to support us and the music we are making by donating monthly. Hopefully, we can provide some value to you by creating a website that is cool and fun to explore. We really appreciate you donating and being a part of this exclusive trash community, we seriously would not be able to sustain this without you.


Currently, we are in quite a considerable amount of debt from giving more than 13,000 albums away for free. Each generous donation goes towards chipping away at that scary number. Your donation also is put toward the purchase of a significant amount of ramen packets for us to eat.