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? cOnFuSeD ?


The Secret Hideout is a website we designed to give you a place off of social media where you could be more connected to us. This is our first attempt at something like this, so we ABSOLUTELY will be putting more time and resources into making it easier to use as time goes on.


Here is the most simple breakdown…


  • The site is divided into four sections: The Feed, The Hideout, The Vending Machine, and the FAQ. 
  • All of these pages are immediately accessible through the top menu.
  • The minimum monthly donation to access our site is $5, but $5 allows you access to everything here; anything above is just you being a wonderful, supportive fan (and we appreciate it immensely!).

Here is a description of each page:


The Feed: This is much like a social media feed, although very duct-tape-and-paperclip. Posts are listed in chronological order, and we add new ones at an arbitrary frequency. Because our social media is SO public-facing these days, we hope to make The Hideout Feed a place where we can be a little bit more homey, less polished, and relaxed. We want to treat these posts like we’re writing to close friends, which, if you’re supporting us this way, you might as well be.


The Hideout: The Hideout is a doodle. An animated doodle that you can click on. It’s meant to be a place where we can hide little things for you to find, because it feels magical and cool to us. We will update it from time to time (don’t worry, we will email you when we make big changes) but we want fans to be able to go there, explore, see a new thing, discover it, and share it with other fans. We think that’s cool and fun and SO different from the way the rest of the internet works. 


The Vending Machine: The Vending Machine allows you to change or cancel your monthly donation at any time. It also gives you access to all necessary account info (billing, profile details, etc). We want people to donate what they think is fair, which keeps this a fun, inspired project for us. If you feel that this site is only worth the minimum $5, great! If you want to donate more, and be a bigger patron of our work, wonderful!  There’s no pressure. We just hope you enjoy yourself. Really (: