being on this page shows that you are one of our earliest supporters. the first edition of pale king was the only edition printed with the vip pass for life, so you own a piece of utr history.


thank you so much for supporting us when no one else would.

so, here’s how this works:




1. Purchase a general admission ticket to a UTR show.




you must purchase a ticket to a show in order for this to work! 


this is not a ticket, this is a vip upgrade to a ga ticket. if you show this to a door person they will have no idea what this is and will be potentially very grumpy.


you will present this to the band or a member of the bands crew (good place to look is at the merch table) at the time of vip or meet and greet.


this is good for you and one other person’s upgrade to VIP. If you are bringing another person, please make sure that you both have purchased GA tickets.




2. fill out the form below.




we will mark you as vip to the show you provide information for. you will get an email, likely one week before the show with more information on what the vip/meet and greet looks like for the show you’re attending.


not all shows have a vip option! 


if the show you are attending does not have a vip or meet and greet option for sale, then there isn’t a vip option available for that show.


please hang onto your vip pass until we pass through your city again.


if you have any additional questions, please email us at:




Please be patient with us as we are a four person team!


Can’t wait to see you at the show!