Hey all,

Casey here.

So many of you have been in our comments and DMs, asking for this song. It feels TERRIBLE keeping it from everyone, but our press people would kill us if we shared it before launch. In fact, if they knew we were doing THIS they’d probably be pissed.

Not to mention that this version of the song has one of our first bigger-name artists, Ariel Posen, collaborating on it.

Ariel is a helluva a player, and, after a video of one of his solos went viral on YouTube (a video titled, Possibly the best guitar solo I’ve heard in 12 years of owning a music venue! Keep Watching!) he became somewhat of a guitar hero, pushing the limits of what people can do with a slide.

He’s playing an all-metal-bodied guitar on Lonesome & Mad that sounds uniquely grimey and chunky. Much like the music venue owner who posted his solo, in my 10 years recording folks, these were some of the best waveforms I’ve ever dropped into a project.

So. It’s super important that you don’t share this.


We’ll tell you a lot more about this song when launch rolls around, but I wanted to talk a little bit about what it means to us a bit here. This song started casually, as most good songs do, in a song-a-day sprint we were doing to test the waters on TikTok. It actually didn’t do too hot on there, but found its audience on Facebook and Instagram, where you might have even discovered us.

This song is very much at the heart of the album we’ll be releasing, Homesick For Another World. It’s almost a tone poem about wishing things were different, wishing there was less suffering, wishing people didn’t have to die (something that has popped up in UTR music since Pale King).

It also reminds me of my mom, who died some years ago. Cardinals kind of remind me of my mom. It also happens to be a great introduction to this album because it references almost EVERY single other song on Homesick in its lyrics (you’ll see).


After we sent out 10,000 free CDs across the world, we found ourselves pretty heavily in debt. We had high hopes for making this album launch polished and good. It was our hope that we could make music videos that made people feel. Without a budget—and being sounds people with bad eyes—we didn’t have much in the way of resources to put into this video.

We figured we’d lean into it.

We made a post, asking for folks to help us solve getting our hands on a harlequin-patterned backdrop for the press photos (sometimes I have gut feelings that might just actually be neuroses, and I was SURE we needed a harlequin backdrop). When our video plans fell through, we thought, hell, what if we just film this one in the house, indie style.

We invited some friends over, tried a few things—one involved shiny speedos and body paint…stay tuned for launch for that utter failure—and ended up with the video above. I only had ONE shot I was sure of (gut feeling), and that was shittily pulling the camera away at the end and revealing out little mobile home and friends.

It felt important to me, because, if we couldn’t make something polished and grand, I wanted to show everyone who we really are. How janky this duct-tape-and-paperclip band really is. How silly and awkward and humble this project is, behind the curtain.

I think it worked.

I feel this tension when I watch the video. 

It feels like some dudes doing their best. As a choreographed, backdrop music video, well, it’s weak. But that’s not what we’re here for—and, ostensibly not what you’re here for. If I have any inkling at all of why people have gravitated towards this band so quickly this past year, it’s because we started letting ourselves be human in front of you…and inviting you to be human back.

I love that about what we’re doing, and I hope you do too.

I hope it never changes.

Anyways, comment your thoughts below. I can’t wait to share the whole album with you all…

Casey (& the boys)

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1 year ago

But you know that! 🙂

Angela Lawrence
1 year ago

You guys know, I’ve already watched this more than a few times. 😂 💛🌻☠ You definitely nailed it with this video.

Liz Sams
1 year ago

I love it!

1 year ago

This is even more beautiful that I had imagined. It definitely brought tears to my eyes.
Love you guys!


1 year ago


1 year ago

Soooo excited to hear this 😭❤️

1 year ago

This is everything I thought it would be and more. It’s so beautiful and showcases yalls talent wonderfully

Nicole Wyant
1 year ago

I hope it never changes.

1 year ago

I’m into it ❤️❤️❤️

1 year ago

LOVE IT!!!!! 🥰🥰🥰

1 year ago

I’m SO glad you like it everyone!!! Stay tuned, more things coming!!!

1 year ago

Ahhh! I’ve been dying to hear the full version of this song and it is freakin’ perfect! Amazing work. I can’t wait to hear the rest! Thank you so much for sharing your talents. My ears are so happy.

1 year ago

Everything I’d hoped for 🧡

1 year ago

I wasn’t even a big fan of this one from the social media ads (Bolo Tie is what made me a convert), but this version blew me away – and absolutely phenomenal work from Ariel, I’m assuming, a minute in!


Laura Sibley
1 year ago

You know it’s real art when a polarity of emotions are so perfectly painted to work in tandem. This is it. 💛🌻☠️

1 year ago

Who else is listening to this on repeat?
My phone’s battery be damned.
It resonates within me so much.
When Casey hits that ‘home’ I swear I can breathe better. It’s weird I know. The last time I felt that was when I heard Chevelle’s ‘The Red’ for the first time in my youth. I get the tingles. 😅
I can’t wait to have this on a CD or something.

Adam Tarzano
1 year ago

This is the best thing I’ll see all day. Fucking perfect! So good to talk to you yesterday Casey… And yes… Mandolins and drums FOREVER!

Sara Contreras
1 year ago

This is amazing!! As great as I had hoped from the Facebook tease. Love, love, LOVE IT!!

1 year ago

I love this so much! Worth every second of the wait!!

1 year ago

Ugh! It was so freaking good!!!! 😭💜💜

Ashley Read
1 year ago

OK, can anyone tell a techtard like me if there’s a way to have a quick link to the hideout?
Like something I can put on my home screen to dive straight in? I need a quick fix into the best place.

1 year ago

I love it so much!!! But I cant wait for a live version

Buffie Fox
1 year ago

My heart is in this song
I can’t even
I DO feel like I wanna go home
But yet here I am
I retreat
To your music
Cause there is no other escape from home
Til we dead

1 year ago

This song is beyond what I imagined, so much I have no words. Blown away, again, by the talent the three of you have. You deserve the success you have all worked hard for and I am thoroughly enjoying watching. 🙏

1 year ago

Love love ❤️

1 year ago

Yep. Definitely resonates with me. Now that we JUST finished moving everything into our new house and I will be spending the next ten years unpacking, it absolutely has multiple meanings.

I loved the video. My husband says Casey moves well on camera, looks very professional. So there ya go. I think I’m going to go play more music all over the house…

1 year ago

I LOVE that you are so real and humble. It’s helped us to feel comfortable being that way back and with one another. So glad to have found you. I was so glad to just meet you guys virtually, I couldn’t think of any questions except for the one I asked about Bolo Tie.
Keep being yourselves. We love you.

1 year ago

I love the song and the video exactly as it is!

1 year ago

I’m someone who does better with captions/lyrics… (Which the Facebook ads helped attract me) but even without them… Everything about this video strikes my heart in ways no artist ever has. You’re voice, the sounds, the rusty type video … That pull back!! Dont need words for that. Happy to be hear, excited to stay for the ride ❤️❤️❤️

1 year ago

I feel so lucky to be part of this! You guys are so talented and creative. Being human is what it’s all about….(I’m trying to open up a little at a time.) You guys deserve the world but promise us you’ll stay grounded if you get it! 🙂

David Bayliss
1 year ago

Wow. Again.

1 year ago

That Riff and the howl though, 🥀 dig me a grave men.

1 year ago

it’s crazy how far y’all have come since the ad and i’m so grateful i found UTR. honestly, it’s just such a breath of fresh air to have good music made by even better people.

Matt 🐀🌻☠️
1 year ago

Shoutout to Gorvin and his brothers on this one.

1 year ago

Thought it was beautiful – that voice just makes me drift away😌

Gavin Dwyer
1 year ago

Oh be still my beating heart. That was simply gorgeous….as was the song 😛 Seriously…that song tugged at the heartstrings. LOVE IT!! Can’t wait to feature the new material on Outrageous!!!

1 year ago

Guys. Really. This is amazing. The video is perfect 😍 I love the pan out at the end, and the skelly’s dancing, truly a masterpiece. Love what you’re doing, wish I was state side so I could drop in with a pizza and say hi. And I absolutely agree with you that being real is what makes people congregate. It gives permission for them to be real in return. I haven’t said much in the chats, I am shy on social media, I don’t like telling the whole world about me, but this is a community that feels warm and open. Even without the music, who you are as just good old humans… Or rats? Anyway, you guys are really amazing and genuine and I needed that. So thanks. I have my fair share of tragedy, more than my fair share in fact so I get that life is rough, and I am sorry you have your own beasts to face. Sorry if I’m rambling, anxiety brain makes explaining hard lol. Anyway, so glad to be here at the birth of something beautiful. If I make it to the states some time I’ll try to visit with cookies 😂

1 year ago

Ohhhhh my goood! 🙏🙏😌
Sorry every other song I know, you’re gonna have to take a break for a while

Terry Taylor
1 year ago

Soooo, now I need lyrics 🙂

Mandi "Monster"
1 year ago

I will post my opinion in the form of a poem:

Sunflowers are yellow,
Rats, sometimes grey.
I love this song so much
I could listen to it all day!

Love you guys! Can’t wait to see what else you do, you talented dudes!!!

David Bayliss
1 year ago

I just listened to this for the first time on proper speakers etc. That geeetar sound is insane.
Christmas No.1 in the U.K.?

1 year ago

Good fuckin shit fellars..love yall TWD

1 year ago

I cannot stop listening to this song its so good 😀

Heather Gard-Edwards
1 year ago

I feel this with all my heart 💙💙💙

Raven Stromdans
1 year ago

Every time I listen to this, it hits me harder. The moment I can buy this song, I’m going to be playing it maximum volume in my car, driving the back roads just weeping as I bellow tunelessly along.

1 year ago

Welp I got goosebumps. Thanks! Loving the song hits the feels for sure.

1 year ago

I really don’t want to sound demanding, so I’ll humbly request for those of us with a certain amount of hearing loss that makes voices over music hard to decipher could we get captions or written lyrics? I personally would be forever grateful!

Rachel Ann (GhostRac)
11 months ago

New here but so so so glad to be.

Maybe it’s the kid in me who grew up in the grimy metal scene or the baby photographer who cut her teeth on shitty band photos of her brothers various musical projects but this video is EVERYTHING.
From the parts you thought wouldn’t land (that pan out to show the bts was just *chefs kiss*) to the impulse decisions of the amazing background. It was an absolute perfect tribute to the beautiful music you make.

Off to watch/listen again because y’all just speak to my heart.

11 months ago

OMG!! I’m OBSESSED with you guys! What the hell did you do to me? Don’t stop! You’re therapy for me in difficult and wonderful times as well as regular days. I get an ear worm on so many of your songs I’m losing count!
Have I gone MAD? Don’t tell me. It’s fine with me.

11 months ago

I love your humanness… Thanks so much for sharing with us