The NEW SHINY THINGS are finally here!!!

Hello beautiful human,

I hope you’re ready for what I’m about to drop on you…


So, the question of the last 6 months has been: WHEN DOES IT COME OUT?


Honestly, we didn’t really have a concrete answer…until today. 


And the answer is NOW!


Well, at least to the few special people in this Hideout. We wanted to make sure our most loyal fans got first dibs on exactly what they wanted from this treasure trove. 


Not only are we opening merch/CD/vinyl preorders to you a WHOLE WEEK EARLY (pretty cool, considering some of these items may not be available in a weeks time), but this button also leads to a page with an ESPECIALLY shiny piece of UTR memorabilia that you can ONLY get by pre ordering while supplies last. 😉😉😉

‘Homesick for Another World’ isn’t like our other albums. It came together in a bright flash of light right after Adeline came out, and ever since, we’ve been coming up with merch designs and finalizing art and working with our press company to release it as quickly as we could without cutting corners.


I’m not exaggerating when I say this is the BEST ALBUM and the COOLEST MERCH we have ever put out and I have a feeling the limited stock of these items is going to go quick, so if you plan on picking anything up, the time to do it is within the next week before we release this to our entire email list.


As always, if you need any help with anything at all, Brendan, Casey, Dom or I are just an email or discord message away. So excited to see all of you rats in Homesick gear. 


Love you all. We’ll be talking soon.

Sean (& the boys) 💛🌻☠️

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11 months ago

Love you, thank you 🫶

10 months ago

I don’t know how I missed this. God, I wish I’d ordered the pretty vinyl. I don’t even have a means to play it but still. Goddammit. 😂

Angela Lawrence
10 months ago

🤩 Here’s to such high demand, you sell out and have to restock. 😉🥂🤞💛🌻☠

10 months ago

I pre-ordered HFAW! I love you guys. Hang in there… Hugs

10 months ago

You know I ordered – can’t wait! Xo

Mandi "Monster"
10 months ago

It’s like The Great Pumpkin visited and brought this message.