Trying to be Radiohead...

hey rats,

we’re overachievers, so instead of doing one live song this week like we usually do, we tried two. both covers. both by our favorite collective band, radiohead. 


this cover of “no surprises” fell a little short in our opinion, but it will get better with time. 


i wanted to share it here in the spirit of growth and because we fucking love you guys and wanted to give something exclusive to the hideout folks. 


i’m sure many of you already know this tune well, but if you haven’t checked out the hauntingly beautiful music video that accompanies this masterpiece, please…




*just a reminder, lonesome officially comes out in about 2 weeks and we’re reeling to coordinate holiday family visits and the launch and the press release, but we’re gonna be carving out some time to spend in the discord soon, so keep those eyes peeled 👀

Sean (& the boys) 💛🌻☠️

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11 days ago

Thanks best buddy! We appreciate this 🫂🫂🫂🫂 it’s a beautiful song and a beautiful cover 💛

11 days ago

Love this Radiohead tune and stoked you covered it. Great job. ✨

11 days ago

Soooo good. I love this song, it always makes me feel bleak in a really satisfying way. So happy to hear you do it.

11 days ago

It’s just beautiful and so soothing! Thank you 💜

10 days ago

Absolutely lovely! Thank you!